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In order to increase the success rate or chances of getting admission and visa, you may get our expert opinion:

Step wise process:

Step - 1: They will convert your CGPA/Percentage on German Grading System

Step - 2: Evaluate your case and remove the deficiencies (If possible)

Step - 3: Short listing the courses , which are best fit for students academic profile

Step - 4: Provide comprehensive LOM to increase the chances of admission

Step - 5: Follow-up emails send to the relavant universities for admission updates

Step - 6: Open the "Student Block Account" in Germany

Step - 7: Provide "Health Insurance" guidelines

Step - 8: Provide a sponsorship declarion required for "Student Block Account"

Step - 9: Prepare the visa documentation exactly what the emabssy required

Step - 10: Moc visa interviews will be conducted for the students (where needed)

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If you are unable to process your applications at your own due to time constraint or lack of computer skills etc. Then you may contact us for admission guidance including searching, short-listing of universities, application preparation, scholarship assistance, visa guidance, accommodation arrangements and Insurance etc.

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